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    Does Melbourne Have Enough Water?

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    Rain Water Catchment - HouseThe average house catchment in Melbourne over the last 3 years, if all the water had of been collected would have amounted to 220,000L of water a year.

    There are on average 1.5 Million households with an average of 2.6 people per household.

    The government wants us to use less than 155L of water per day


              220,000L / 155L / 2.6 people  = 546 days of water a year collected in drought times.

    That is nearly 18 months of personal use water collected per year per household.  We could collect in drought times 150% of our needs.   What would it be like in good times?

    We do not have a drought, we have a badly utilised resource.

    So if each house collected this water, and they had a clean catchment area they could actually on sell this excess water to the government, for public use.  This might be used for watering sports fields, parks, selling to industry such as car washes , factories etc…..

    We would create employment by having more plumbers and manufactures by providing water to the government

    Again we have taken a scarcity mentality and now converted it to an abundant reality.

    If we used government connected water for drinking purposes we would be saving 53,000L of water a year per household.  That would be 53,000 * 1,500,000 = 79,500 Megalitre saving per year. An interesting link is here

    • What effect would that have on the dams?
    • Would we be able to use this dam water now for agriculture so our farmers do not have droughts any longer?


    1. Each Melbourne household could catch 150% of their domestic needs, in drought conditions
    2. We could reduce domestic usage from dams by 94%
    3. We do not have a drought, we have a badly utilised resource.
    4. We would create employment and industry
    5. We would never be short of water again
    6. We would not have to create more pipelines or dams
    7. We could provide water to farmers, rather than taking it away from them.  This would create more prosperity and industry
    8. This is a no brainer!!!!!
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